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Sama Ornaments Store

About Sama Ornaments Store

Sama Ornaments is an online store, shipping from Egypt worldwide,  All products sold at Sama Ornaments are handmade with high quality and reasonable prices.

We don't have a live shop.

Your satisfaction is our first priority, Sama Ornaments is committed to attain the highest level of satisfaction for our customers, by offering a great selection of Egyptian handmade Glass at discount prices. Combining these value filled offerings with superb quality of service will always remain our simple approach to presenting you with a pleasant online shopping experience. 


Our Mission:


Our mission is not only to provide you with the best quality merchandise but also to treat you with the attention that you deserve. Our artists have been in business in Egypt for over a century designing and hand crafting these unique items displayed. 


Our Quality:


All our glasswork is hand-made in Egypt using a high quality heat resistance glass and we use a 24k gold to embellish our glasswork. We make all our designs in house and we release new designs every year and we support any client need to design new shape with new dimensions only send to us by using support@samaornaments.com. Each of our unique pieces goes through a 7 main steps before it is ready for sale:


  1. Preparing glass in accordance with the specified design size.
  2.  Our glass blowers heat the glass and start shaping the different pieces without using any molds.
  3.  First quality check to insure size matches the targeted design.
  4.  Our craftsmen start etching pieces in accordance to the specified design.
  5.  Our artesian start painting pieces then preparing them to be heated for 5 – 6 hours in a high temperature oven to fix colors.
  6.  Once the pieces are done they are left for 3 – 4 hours then once again our artesian start painting the gold and preparing pieces to go into the oven again for 5 – 6 hours.
  7. Second quality check is made for color matches and gold degree as well as any air bubbles that might be in the glass.

We are very proud that our customers have been pleased with their products and our service and continue to come back and place further orders, time and again.